Happy holidays!

Discussion in 'Website' started by nosfur, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. nosfur

    nosfur Administrator Staff Member

    As holidays are soon approaching us we have decided to provide some gifts to our community. Any rank purchased starting from today till December 31st 11pm GMT+2 instead of one month you will get 3 months of donator rank subscription. In addition to that we are holding a community "Holiday decorations" contest. More info about this contest and where you can submit your creations can be found here.

    As a special thank you token we are doubling rewards of voting and lowering the amount of needed time for a rank up by double till December 25th 11pm GMT+2.

    We wish you happy holidays from Sugoicraft team!
  2. LordGar

    LordGar New Member

    Pardon, but i seem to be having a problem with the Tekkit Legends server. Every time i join the server closes/crashes (I don't know) i do not know if this is for other players as any one hardly comes on. But please look into it as i am not able to play currently. My in game name is Lord_Gar.
  3. nosfur

    nosfur Administrator Staff Member

    First of wrong section to report such things. Secondly server itself is running fine crashes are on your end.

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