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    Everything moved successfully! Seems to be running stable for now. Further monitoring. As mentioned before the things we host can be reached now by these addresses.

    Tekkit Classic:
    Tekkit Legends:

    Hope you had a wonderful holidays. Here is to another year! Thank you for staying and supporting us the same way we support you!
    • 00:25 Website moving......
    • 01:12 Website moved successfully.
    • 01:24 Tekkit Legends reconfiguring.
    • 01:55 Tekkit Legends reconfigured successfully. You now can access it by:
    • 02:05 Tekkit Classic move in progress......
    • 02:23 Tekkit Classic move successful.
    • 02:24 Tekkit Classic reconfiguring....
    • 03:22 Importing sql db taking longer than expected....
    • 11:54 Import successful....
    • 11:55 Final touches....
    • 12:05 You can now connect to Tekkit Classic by:
    • 12:16 Move successful!
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    Wrong section.
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