What about a new server?

Discussion in 'Tekkit Classic' started by nosfur, Sep 24, 2015.


Which mod the server should run?

  1. Tekkit classic

  2. Tekkit classic reborn

  1. nosfur

    nosfur Administrator Staff Member

    Hello guys. I know I know it's been a while.... For some time I've been thinking about minecraft.... Lets get straight to the point would you like to see this server reborn.
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  2. simsca

    simsca New Member

    YES Oh God Yes thank you you great angel.
  3. Recce2001

    Recce2001 Moderator Staff Member

    I want the server back tyvm =)
    Also, Tekkit Classic would be nice to have back, do you perhaps have the old map with everything we have worked on in it? If this server comes back online, I will finally have a reason to play minecraft again =)
    And also, will all the old ranks, Mods/Helpers be the same?
  4. Recce2001

    Recce2001 Moderator Staff Member

    Just a question, have you been stalking the webpage lmao? I only found out about this by luck
  5. teasiing

    teasiing New Member

  6. Hi_7_guy

    Hi_7_guy New Member

    EEEE!! maladec!! davai junk serva!!! tekkit classic!
  7. teasiing

    teasiing New Member

    can u do English plz
  8. Hi_7_guy

    Hi_7_guy New Member

    ok :D, i said "that nosfur is mldc and that he need to turn server on again and it need to be tekkit classic" :DDDDDDD
  9. Recce2001

    Recce2001 Moderator Staff Member

    It has been said that we are going to use the original Tekkit Classic and that it is open for testing!
    IP: login.sugoicraft.tk

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